Engineering Services
  • Civil/Structural and geotechnical engineering
  • Dam safety, design and rehabilitation.
  • Computer programming of risk software tools
  • Evaluation of existing water resources structures
  • Probabilistic risk and hazard analyses and assessments of infrastructure projects
  • Dynamic finite element analysis
  • Technical review of risk assessments  and methodology
  • Dynamic barge impact analysis
  • Reliability and risk analysis training
  • Engineering and risk guidance documentation


 Engineering Capabilities
Our team offers the engineering capabilities and experience required to handle a wide range of projects, and to provide the confidence that our work is of the highest quality regardless of the complexity.

We have capabilities and experience in the following areas to name a few:
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Our Associates
Gregory B. Baecher, Ph.D,NAE - Risk, Reliability and Statistics in Geotechnical Engineering and Dam Safety.

John T. Christian, Ph.D,NAE - Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Dynamics, Earthquake Engineering, Geotechnical Reliability, Computer Applications.

James E. Clausner, P.E. - Coastal systems asset management, Navigation safety and Management of dredged material.

Gary R. Consolazio, Ph.D. - Finite element based characterization of time-varying dynamic barge impact loads on bridge piers, flood walls, guide walls.

Bruce R. Ellingwood, Ph.D - Structural reliability analysis; load modeling and analysis of combinations of loads; Development of safety and serviceability criteria. 

Lewis L. Link, Ph.D. - Natural Hazards and Risk Assessment.  Modeling and simulation of surge and wave hazards. Dam and levee Safety

Martin W. McCann, Jr., Ph.D - Risk Analysis for Critical Infrastructure: Probable Failure Modes Analysis; hazard analysis, fragility analysis; Software Development.

Javier F. Ordonez , Ph.D - Development and implementation of software for risk-based dam and levee safety, simulation based probabilistic barge impact assessment.

Detailed Bios are available for our associates.